Jeffrey Affeldt, Principal

Jeffrey Affeldt holds degrees in commercial art & graphic design, with a background in photography, retail management & customer service, and creative problem-solving. As longtime Art Director and senior designer for Vision Fitness, a spin-off division of Trek Bikes, he executed and oversaw all consumer print work, retailer-education materials, and product user-interface design. He also provided product brand-identity graphics, conducted product color studies & industrial-design consultation.

He learned valuable lessons about brand strategy, detailed and short-deadline execution, forging strong relationships with like-minded associates and quality vendors, and working within tight budgets.

During his decade there, Jeffrey helped the fledgling company sustain an average annual sales growth of 40 percent, and had a hand in developing consumer products that earned 25 Best Buy awards.

All while operating on a very thin dime.

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Arcus Communication Design LLC

As the principal of Arcus Communication Design, Jeffrey Affeldt now brings these same values of quality, effectiveness, and economy to support and drive your own business or non-profit organization, be it a promising startup or a going concern.

A mixed discipline of graphics and information-architecture, communication design is where message meets media. More than words, more than aesthetics, communication design seeks to evoke those emotions associated with your business or organization, inspire people to satisfy those emotions, and compel them to join you in your cause.

In a fast-paced and ever-noisier world, it is no longer enough merely to hang your shingle and open your door. When the outward visible presence of your company or organization is derived from its own internal values and core capabilities—when you walk the talk—that seamless and aesthetic ‘brand’ will begin to resonate with your intended audience.

The result is better business, a better community, or a better world …

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